Which Is The Best Between Xmeye Vs Xmeye Pro?

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XMEye vs XMEye pro, which is the best? Though both are the same CCTV styles software to monitor view from a local or remote area. Both monitoring software is made for IPC and DVR. Usimng cloud based technology, you can log in XMEye app by the device’s serial number to show the phone’s live video monitoring. It supports real-time view and remote playback.

But there are a few differences between XMEye pro and XMEye. Both monitor software is different in features and some tasks. In this post, we will mention some differences between the XMEye app and the XMEye pro to choose the best one.

What is XMEye?

XMEye is popular for video monitoring software which comes with cloud based storage technology.  XMEye provides free service system for CCTV.  The latest version of XMEye app allows you to monitor your business from different devices remotely. The XMEye app can record your video in the memory.

XMEye design with IP security cameras that also easy to use. The cloud capabilities of XMEye app are 3.0, which works fast. New XMEye has the back up system that protect your video footage from deleted and block errors.

The XMEye comes with thedesigned in Peer-to-Peer that make the communication component.. The XMEye app is friendly to use and users can access to view from any part of the world. You do not need any configuration to u=run the XMEye apps. The P2P network system can identify the IP address. To view by XMEye app on your pc you need to download emulator Blustack app.


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Features of XMEye

Streaming Live Video:

You can stream live video from any device. It is an easy process. For streaming live video, at first, go to your “Device List” and select any device. Then click the “Start Video” bottom. After clicking the bottom, you get the live video interface.

Monitor from remote:

You can visit the device remotely on your mobile device. All the videos are stored on the hardware. So, you can collect video from the hardware store and achieve playback. On the top right side is a search box that helps you find out your desired time. You just click a time in the search box.

Then you get the video that you want to see. You can listen to the audio record and play or pause the history. Also, you can take the snapshots from this video footage. And ensure that when you are monitoring from remote you video is clear to view.

Audio Speaking:

Audio speaking is allowed in the XMEye software. You have to click the “microphone” icon to access audio speaking. If you want to mute it, click the icon. You can communicate from your mobile with the device.

Connect internet ny cloud based technology is difficult. The XMEye app has a Teravision recorder that uses a pre-loaded serial number to monitor the vast area.

Other features of XMEYE are like you can log in with WeChat, see real-time video, manually search devices in LAN, the remote device adds, edit, delete, etc.

What is XMEye pro?

XMEye Pro is a video monitoring software made for IPC and DVR. You can easily log in with cloud technology. The XMeye pro is the latest versions of XMEye, so that you can log in by the device’s serial number. The XMeye pro also used for showing the live view monitoring video. Like XMEye app you can download the XMEye pro on your PC. The XMEye pro can be saved the video record and backed up to protect security footage.

Xmeye Pro

Feathers of XMEye-pro:

It has many features. But four components are the best. They are-

Live Video:

XMEye-pro gives you live video features. It allows you to see live video on any device, and the process is easy.

  • At first, go to the “Device List.”
  • Secondly, select any device
  • Finally, click the “Start Video” button

Now you get the live video interface. You can do it quickly.

Remote Video:

It allows you to visit the device remotely on your mobile phone. You can watch videos at any time. In the search box, you click a time to watch the video you want. You find out the search box on the top right side of the device. You also can listen to audio records, take snapshots as you choose. You can play or pause the record. Before watching the video, you have to make sure that it is available or will not work. XMEye records video so that you can collect it from the hardware store of your device and achieve playback.

Audio Speaking Features:

The XMEye-pro has an audio speaking feature. You will get access to audio speaking to click the “microphone” icon. You can mute it with the icon. The software allows you to communicate from your mobile phone with the device.

It has cloud technology that makes you connect to the internet easily. The XMEye pro has the Teravision recorder features which uses a pre-loaded serial number to monitor wide area network.

XMEye vs XMEye pro: The difference between XMEye & XMEye-pro

XMEye and XMEye-pro are almost the same. Some benefits are different from each other. We draw a box of the benefits that you get from the app. Which is best for you, you can understand from the pack.

SL Features XMEye XMEye-pro
1. Log in with cloud technology yes yes
2. Log in with Wechat


no yes
3. Remote playback


yes yes
4. Local recording and play yes yes
5. Searching device function by shake yes no
6. Bidirectional talk


yes yes
7. The local device adds, edits and deletes


yes yes
8. Cloud user register and modify yes yes
9. The remote device adds, edits, and deletes yes yes
10. The manually searching device in LAN


yes no
11. Adding device by address


yes yes
12. Version updating automatically yes yes
13. Snapshot and pictures searching


yes yes
14. PTZ control


yes yes
15. Scanning serial number by QR code


yes yes
16. Real-time live view yes yes

Which is better: XMEye or XMEye pro?

XMEye and XMEye both are good video monitoring software. Cloud technology has both. You can see the real-time view, use audio speaking, watch any video at the time that you want, take snapshots as you wish, and scan serial numbers in both software.

Most of the features are the same. You get almost the same benefits from both. So you can be anyone. Some benefits have been minimized from each other. You can choose after seeing the help of the XMEye and XMEye pro apps.

Final Thought

The above shows the difference between the Xmeye Vs XMeye pro app. Xmeye pro is the latest version that comes with extra features. XMeye pro works faster than the Xmeye app. According to google ranking, most people download XMEye to monitor their views. Though both software are developed by huangwanshui, XMEye achieves more ranking.

Using a serial number, you can use both XMEye and XMeye pro. Xmeye pro works perfectly with the same DVR 6 camera layout. Reading the above comparison, download your XMEye app for your security.

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