Line Vs WeChat : Which One is Best? [ Latest Update 20223]

Two different and crucial instant messaging apps are Line and WeChat. The functions and features of these two apps are similar to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Here, we will discuss the details of Line vs. WeChat by comparing these two. We will break down the particular meaning of Line and WeChat, their basic features, and how they are different.

Most people prefer to communicate through texting or messaging. Thus a text-o-holic will find these two apps interesting. Though the majority of the users use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat are also battling for popularity across Asia.

What Is Line?

The Line is a messaging app that acts as a communication medium. And it reduces the communication difference between the friend and family. The user can use this app for free.

This app offers complimentary messages, video and voice calls and plenty of exciting stickers. You can easily express your feelings using all these messaging options.

Globally this app is available, and it is growing continuously. This app aims to make your life convenient and add fun to it. Thus it regularly offers new updated features and services to the users.

What Is Line?

Features of Line App

People use the Line app for messaging purposes because of its unique features. Its presence is growing worldwide. Especially it is becoming more assertive in Asia. The powerful and special features of the Line ensure the user’s secure and safe use. However, its enticing features are the following:

  1. Chat: Writing or chatting is an excellent way of expressing your feeling to your friends and family. Thus Line’s main feature is it offers the users a chatting facility.
  2. Group Chat: You can chat in a group with your friends and family on this app. In a single group, up to 500 people are allowed to participate.
  3. Video Call and Voice Call: Using this app, you can enjoy the high-quality and transparent video and voice calls. You can easily make calls for free if you have an internet line. Moreover, multiple users can make voice and video calls using this app.
  4. “Read” Feature: Once you read a message, automatically “, Read” will display on the sender’s screen.
  5. Stickers: Sometimes stickers become a great way to express our inner feeling that we can’t express in writing. Plenty of stickers are available in this app.
  6. Line Voom: Through this feature, you can check the news of your friends and also can share your news with pictures, text, stickers or videos.

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What is WeChat? 

WeChat is a popular Chinese messaging app, and it supports various messaging methods instantly. The numerous messaging methods include voice messages, text messages, stickers, walkie-talkies, etc. In 2018, globally, it became the most excellent standalone mobile app. Monthly, the global active users of this app are more than 1 billion.

What is WeChat? 

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Features of WeChat

WeChat aims to simplify your life by offering various unique features. As it provides numerous features to the user, this messaging app is surprisingly getting popularity worldwide. The significant features are the following:

  1. Calling and Messaging: At no cost, the user of this app can make calls and text each other for communication purposes. This app enables you easy messages exchange with your friends and family. The available functions in messaging options are the following:
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Voice and text messaging
  • Conference and video calls
  1. WeChat Localization: Using this app, the users can share their location with their friends. But at first, they need to turn on their location service. This app uses the same feature to direct you to content and geo-localized area.
  2. QR Code Scan: This feature allows you to add new friends by scanning the QR code. Moreover, this option will let you access various services and information.
  3. Search Engine: Tencent introduces the WeChat Search Engine feature to explore and access the social network’s content.
  4. News Feed: This feature is also known as WeChat Moments. Using this feature, you can post your text and images. Moreover, you can comment and like and share music with your friends.
  5. E-Wallet: This is a unique feature using which you can connect your credit card or bank account with this app.
  6. The other noteworthy features are the following:
  • WeChat Pay
  • Hongbaos
  • Loans
  • Card Repay
  • Mobile Top up
  • Public services like traffic status, weather forecast, reservations, hospital registrations etc.
  • Utility bills
  • Third-party services and many more

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Line vs WeChat: Difference between Line & WeChat

The main point of difference between Line and WeChat are the following:

1. Official Accounts Types

The official account feature is available in both Line and WeChat, but the main difference is the number of accounts each app offers. Line app doesn’t provide this account in vast numbers. Instead, they offer it in a categorized list like entertainment, travel, media and many more.

On the other hand, official accounts in 4 types are available on WeChat. The types are service accounts, subscription accounts, mini-programs and corporate accounts.

2. Customer Service Functions Efficiency

If the subscribers sent messages for customers’ services, the official Line accounts are not allowed to read, receive or reply to messages. On the other hand, WeChat collects all the subscribers’ notes in its backend platform. Therefore, the account manager can easily see, read and reply to the text by logging into the backend.

3. Multimedia Content In Details

The Line app allows users to send normal pictures and text with the highest hyperlinks. But five different content options are available in WeChat, including texts, articles, audio, images and videos.

4. Menu Bars

Both Line and WeChat include menu bars in their screen’s bottom as additional functions. However, compared to the Line, WeChat offers plenty of parts and these are customizable.

5. Payment Systems

The Line app Payment function is Line Pay, and WeChat’s payment option is WeChat Pay. In addition, line app users can use Line Store’s functions to sell the themes, stickers, and game points.

On the other hand, WeChat users use this function to pay utility bills, phone bills, call taxies, purchase online items, and buy movie tickets. Thus the users can use it for doing a wide range of things.

Which is Better: Line or WeChat?

After comparing the above features of these two messaging apps, it can conclude that WeChat is better than Line. Though both apps are used for communication purposes, WeChat offers plenty of functions and services for users.

Both apps consist of plenty of services for the users as a messaging platform. You can easily send videos, pictures, voice recordings, and text messages using both. But WeChat enables the users to send documents attachments like email, making it far better than Line.

Moreover, WeChat is far better than Line in social media marketing. Brands and companies can achieve in-depth information and provide more efficient and faster customer services than Line. Thus WeChat is better compared to Line because of its vast, comprehensive functions.


After reading the above details of Line vs. WeChat, it is hopefully clear to you why WeChat is better than Line. However, these messaging apps are getting more robust with time, especially in Asia. But still, the Line app has to implement many new features to compete with WeChat.

If we overlook the comparison between these two apps, we should appreciate the two’s unique features and functions. These smart messaging apps allow you to send messages and texts to your friends and family, share videos, photos, files and many more. Thus whether you use the Line app or WeChat app, you will enjoy all these fantastic features of these two apps.

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