Life360 Vs Find My Iphone-What’s The Difference Between Them?

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 05:41 pm

Are you worried about your lost phone? No worries because life360 and find my iPhone these two apps are there to find your lost phone. These two apps have another advantage of tracking location of your friends or family members. So now, no need to worry about losing your friend or family member; the app will solve your problem. But the question is, which app is better? Or which app do you prefer?

In this article, we are going to know which app is better than life360 vs. find my iphone.

What Do They Do?

Life360 and find my iphone to help you to track your device. But they have vastly different features and several ways. Life360 app works for monitoring your family members and friends, while Find my iphone is designed to track your lost phone. No doubt that both applications are playing a vital role in tracking. For your kind information, you have to know the Find my iphone is especially available on iPhone.

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone app allows finding any lost iOS device. The app is very easy to use. The users must have the app on their iphone, ipad, or mac to use this app tracking anything.

Using the guide Find My iPhone 

Find my iphone is an excellent tool for users to find their lost or stolen phones. To use this tool, you have to enable it at first. You have to follow these methods to enable and use Find my Phone.

Find My iPhone

  1. Firstly, you have to open the settings of your Iphone or Ipad. It will load a bunch of options, one of which will be called “Utilities”. You have to go to that setting.
  2. Then you need to click on your iCloud account and sign in to it.
  3. After doing these steps, it will give you a lot of options. You will see the Find My Iphone option too. Now click on that option.
  4. You now have to turn on the Find my iphone option, which will activate Find my iphone features. If you turned off location services, you might have to turn that on to Find my iphone to work.
  5. You can now use Find my Iphone to find any device. For that, click on the app.
  6. Now sign in to the application, which will bring up the app’s home screen.
  7. Now it will bring some apple devices associated with that Apple ID.
  8. Now click on the Actions tab. It will bring some options.
  9. If your iphone is near your home, you can use the play sound option to lay a ringtone. Then you can try to find your iphone.
  10. If your iphone is lost, you can also use the lost Mode. To use it, enter your unlock code and then use a random set of numbers unrelated to you.
  11. Now you will be able to send a phone number, and if your phone is online, it will be locked immediately, and you will see your device location. You will be able to track your device easily.

What Makes Find My iPhone Special?

What Makes Find My iPhone Special?

There are many kinds of features of Find my Iphone, Here are some unique features of it:

  1. You can use it to track your device. Find My IPhone comes with features that help users easily track lost or stolen devices. You just need a working Apple ID with its credentials.
  2. Some tools are beneficial for finding a device. One of them is the Play Sound option. This option allows you to play a ringtone on a device. You can easily find your device if it’s nearby by playing a sound.
  3. Find my iphone also comes with Lost Mode. Lost Mode is an essential tool for lost devices. If you enable it, you will be able to lock your phone. You will also be able to display a contact number if the apple device is online. Thieves cannot access your details like your phone will be locked. It will also turn off apple pay so thieves can’t pay or order anything using your money.
  4. Erasing a data option is also a handy tool. It will factory reset your device, which will wipe your data. Thieves or stealers won’t be able to see anything about you if you use the tool.
  5. Activation Lock is a tool that is enabled automatically if you find My IPhone online, and it prevents people from accessing your sensitive content.

The Downside of Find My iPhone

Find my iphone has some downside. You should know that.

First, when you are going to track your friend, it will be essential to have the friend’s Apple ID and password. You may don’t like this condition of using find my iphone. In this regard, Life360 is a better option than Find my iphone.

Secondly, you may not like to use Find my iphone because it has some security issues.

Lastly, the app can’t track the exact location where your device.


life360 is an iPhone tracking app that can track your phone when you have lost it. The app manager is always ready to help you. This app not only tracks your phone but also allows you to track your friends and family. The fantastic graphics of the app comfortably find any address. Actually, the life360 is like a GPS and family locator. When you ask the app manager for help, it will ask you for so much information. Sometimes it may make you uncomfortable.


You can find your android or iOS device using this app because it works on these.

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Using guide life360

You can track your lost phone or someone’s location using life360. Here I include a user guide about using life360 for tracking.

  • First, download the life360 app from the play store. It is mandatory to have this app on your all family member phone. So each Member has to download the life360.
  • When the installation process is complete, create an account there.
  • After that, enable notifications, location sharing, and other features. Add your photo and follow all the instructions.
  • Create a circle and add or invite your family members.
  • To use the safety features, tap the “Safety” tab. It will give you the safety information for all members.
  • There is a help alert. If any member active the feature, he can send alert to the other members on the emergency.
  • Active roadside assistance.

What Makes life360 Special?

Life 360 is an exceptional app for finding devices. It supports both android and Apple devices. Life360 is a useful application for everyone. You will find some unique features of this app and why you will want to use this app.

What Makes life360 Special?

  1. Location Tracking: This is the essential feature of this app. You will be able to track any device using this feature. It has real-time locating services, and users can instantly find their device and share it with anyone.
  2. Circles: Users can see devices that are online with, it will be easy for them to locate their device.
  3. Places: This feature is essential for stolen or lost devices. Users can view the lost or stolen device’s location using this feature. Life360 also sends alerts for any type of location updates.
  4. Premium features: Life360 is a freemium app. Users will get many more features if they buy the Premium version of Life360.
  5. Life 260 also has bubble features for a set of radius and time.

The Downside of life360

Life360 also has some downsides, like Find my iphone.

If you lose your device, you can’t control your data. This app only tracks your phone but can’t manage or keep your data safe. This app is easy to trick than find my iphone.

Which is better, life360 or Find My iPhone?

Both of them are good, but there is always a winner. Life360 beats Find My IPhone in that case. Because they have a lot of features that Find my Iphone doesn’t have.

Life360 Vs Find My Iphone-Difference between life360 and Find My iPhone

Here is the comparison chart between life 360 and Find my Iphone.

Life360 Find My IPhone
Life 360 is an app that supports both Android and Apple devices. On the other hand, Find My Iphone supports Apple devices only.
Life360 is more likely for family and friends, and it styles itself as a private network. If every Member has this app, they will be able to see each location when needed. Find My Iphone allows you to connect with contacts saved on your device. If both agree with your contacts, you can see their location.
Life360 needs to be paid if you want to get premium features. Find My Iphone is free for all users.
Life360 drains a user’s battery quicker than Find My Iphone. It drains the battery, which is not noticeable.
Life360 is a comprehensive service. On the contrary, Find My IPhone is designed for simple uses.

Final Thought

Choosing the proper location application for hassel-free tracking is essential. The Find my iphone is suitable for tracking missing ios devices and has some excellent security features. Again life360 doesn’t have the features like find my iphone. But the advantage of life360 is that it has much social tools and supports Android and ios devices.

If you a iphone owner and want to protect it, you can use the Find my iPhone app. If you want to locate your phone and track your family members, life360 will be your best choice.

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