iCalendar vs Google Calendar- Difference Between iCalendar & Google Calendar

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Organizing a scheduling moment is a troublesome task but nowadays it is so simple controlling events and meeting through utilizing the application. Google and Apple develop calendar applications for their users to manage data and time-related notes, events, meetings, etc. From analyzing the aspects of iCalendar vs Google Calendar, users can select the wondering or perfect calendaring system for them.

Without a scheduling application, you can’t control your movement easily and different calendaring methods like Google calendar and iCalendar perform a great interpretation. Because both systems bring a beneficial overview by providing easily accessible equipment.

What Is an iCalendar?

iCalendar is an application from Apple that performs calendar-related tasks. The developer of iCalendar is Internet Engineering Task Force and released the application in 1998.  .ical, .ics, .ifb or .icalendar is the file extension of the iCalendar. The application is designed by Apple but it is accessible to all types of devices.

iCalendar performs the creating, storing, and scheduling data that is connected to the time and date. Users can make their time controllable and organized in an advanced way by utilizing the iCalendar application.

What Is an iCalendar

Features Of iCalendar:

  1. Build up and edit any events and meetings quickly.
  2. Shareable any calendar-related documents like events, appointments data.
  3. Permits each platform even Android and Windows devices.
  4. Specify each step to manage and organize the time.
  5. Offer to link other documents.
  6. Apply a Search icon to look for any information quickly.
  7. Offer a suggestion to create any events manually.
  8. Amazing interface and user permissible functionality.

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What Is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar manipulates the time and organizes the event or any appointment movements. The developer Google released the application on April 13, 2006, as a beta version and in July 2009 as a general version. It permits the website, Android, and iOS-based devices.

Google Calendar provides amazing features like creating or editing any events. Then according to the need, it notifies the consumers of any daily, weekly, or yearly setup reminder. Users can interact with the tools for its user-supportable functionality.

What Is Google Calendar

Features Of Google Calendar:

  1. Easily schedule any events and meeting information and edit these according to the demand.
  2. Able to apply the spontaneous method to build up any activities.
  3. Able to edit the interface of each event like adding color.
  4. Offer reminder opportunities for upcoming movements.
  5. Easily shareable any calendar-related details.
  6. Quickly observe the day, week, or yearly events info.
  7. Fastly access any data by utilizing the search icon.
  8. Capable to attach any documents, locations, or Clocking system.
  9. Set up privacy and make the info secure.

iCalendar vs Google Calendar- Difference Between iCalendar & Google Calendar

The Calendar system manages the user’s working movement. Users can know any working appointment information from these calendars like Google Calendar or iCalendar. Although both are calendars and perform these types of tasks, some differences make these tools unique. These Differencing points are highlighted below:

Google Calendar


Owned by Google Company. Owned by Apple Company.
Google Calendar is designed by Google. iCalendar is designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force.
Released on April 13, 2006, as a beta version and in July 2009 as a general version. Released in 1998.
It offers a nice interface opportunity. It has a complex interface rather than a Google interface.
Quickly, not find all options. Easy to find all options in front of the home page.
Easily build any task, reminder, event, or goal from a single button. A little complex to build any task, reminder, event, or goal by utilizing the different options.
Set the same notification for every event and provide the info through email. Set the different notifications for each event and provide the info through suggestions.
Capable of creating any events from third-party information. Not capable of creating any events from third-party information.
Automatically add new events that collect the information from the email. Suggest adding an event from the given information but should be done manually.
Obtainable for all Platforms like iOS or Android versions even PC versions. Obtainable for only Apple or Mac devices but can get permission to another

Which Is Better: iCalendar Or Google Calendar?

Google and iCalendar both applications acquire customer satisfaction by offering numerous features. Both tools provide superior features and create an organizational environment for consumers. When a user wishes to utilize one calendar and desires to compare between iCalendar and Google Calendar, he can perform this task to select the most perfect and suitable for him.

Most Android or windows platformed devices support Google calendar and iCalendar performs well on the  Apple or Mac platformed devices. Users are compatible with the Google interface and easily maintain the ecosystem. Google Calendar performs most of the tasks spontaneously and is user-friendly too. But the Apple Calendar is perfect to do many tasks manually.

In the modern world, any records of events or meeting information are kept electronically most of the time. For this, different organizations build up applications that assist to maintain the calendaring system. And users choose a suitable and perfect organizing application like Google calendar. Most of the user’s opinions prove that Google Calendar is better than iCalendar.

Final Thoughts

When it finishes the comparison on iCalendar vs Google Calendar, a decision arises that Google calendar wins the user’s satisfaction most. Google Calendar is the best organizer nor iCalendar. That decision totally depends on you because you can identify which calendar is suitable or compatible with your device.

After analyzing the features and differentiation, it can find that users can make a decision and choose any calendar. If you like iCalendar, you can organize your schedule by utilizing it. Again, you also can connect the timing with the Google calendar. So take a decision and share your amazing experience.

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